Complaints have been made over litter along a riverside walking path.

Nebahat Perver, of Westfield Avenue, Watford, has expressed his sadness over a great deal of litter and flytipping he found which had been left along the River Colne between Knutsford Playing Fields and Waterfields retail park.

He said: "There is garbage everywhere. There is a motorbike, a bicycle, shopping trollies, beer and drink bottles.

"I am saddened by the view of this garbage."

Watford Borough Council responded in saying that those who see any flytipping should report it to the council online, and Veolia will clear it up.

Cllr Peter Taylor, cabinet member for client services, said: "One of our dedicated park volunteers reported flytipping in the River Colne near Waterfields Recreation Ground yesterday.

Our partners at Veolia joined the volunteer to clear it up on the same day. We have not yet received any reports of flytipping in Knutsford Playing Fields.

"We take flytipping extremely seriously. Where any evidence can be found of the people responsible for the waste – whether or not they have dumped it themselves personally – we will prosecute.

"This can lead to hefty fines and a criminal conviction for the people behind this thoughtless and inconsiderate behaviour."