An artist’s adaptations of plants are born out of a debate on recycling and our carbon footprint.

Claire Mc Dermott feels the term ‘environmentally friendly’ has become a 20th century illusion that glosses over hidden truths.

This inspired Mc Dermott to make a series of sculptures based on this subject while using a ceramic seed head of an Aster ericoide (common name Michaelmas daisies) as the core starting point for each of the sculptures.

These works will be on display at Space2 Gallery at the Watford Museum until February 28.

After Claire was inspired to create another sculpture after reading that recyclable plastic carrier bags can be recycled less than ten times and then go to landfill.

Another sculpture was inspired by the need to buy drinks from glass bottles, steel or aluminium cans instead of plastic, as they can all be recycled endlessly. She wanted to reduce her carbon foot print and so collected together the glass bottles and tin drinks that had been packaged about 50 miles from London. She has displayed them in an Usherette ice cream tray, along with her ceramic seed head and vacuumed wrapped them together to make the point that plastic is smothering all that is good.

The sculpture titled Sense comes from Claire picking up a pack of A4 printing paper and noticed it had a one star eco-friendly rating, despite being produced halfway round the world.

Space2 Gallery, Watford Museum, 194 Lower High Street, WD172D, until February 28 -