Campaigners are relieved “safety concerns” along a dual carriageway will finally be addressed following a yearlong battle.

Watford Borough Councillors Steve Cavinder and Tim Williams presented a petition with more than 700 signatures to County Hall in February 2017 after fears started growing over the A405, from the A41 junction to the Three Horseshoes junction, in Garston.

Their concerns included motorists regularly driving well in excess of the speed limit and the “poorly laid out” junction at Greenwood Drive.

The longabout near the cinema complex was dubbed “dangerous and difficult” for people entering or exiting the residential areas along the A405.

Last year John Swain, the chairman of Kingswood Residents Association and cllr Derek Scudder gained £10,000 from the Herts Police Commissioner's Road Safety Fund for a feasibility study to be completed at the Greenwood Drive A405 junction.

However, cllr Cavinder is pleased Herts Highways have now appointed consultants to start an investigation along the “notorious accident black spot”.

He said: “Appointing consultants is certainly a step forward as we were beginning to wonder if Herts Highways were actually going to do anything.

“We look forward to receiving the consultant’s recommendations in a couple of months’ time and urge Herts County Council to take swift action."

Herts County Councillor Tim Williams added: “The dangers of this road are there for all to see and we hope that once the consultants' report is completed, Herts Highways will do something to address these safety matters as no one wants a further incident to occur."

Ralph Sangster, who represents Highways at the county council responded: “This study is being funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund as a result of a successful bid from the Kingswood Residents Association. The feasibility study will identify solutions to improve speed compliance covering this part of the A405 in Watford.

“The specific corridor being considered is the A405 from the junction with Greenwood Drive to the junction with the A412 St Albans Road. The focus of attention is understood to be the junction with Greenwood Drive, the longabout and the section of the A405 between the longabout and the junction with A412 St Albans road, specifically in relation to side roads feeding onto the A405.

“The study is aiming to offer solutions of differing costs and sustainable travel i.e. cycle paths, will be considered within any measures put forward.”