My brother passed me a copy of the Observer dated January 5 and I read with interest your article regarding the Old Station building in St Albans Road.

I started my first job there with British Railways when I left school in the early 60s when it was known as the Centralised Paybills Office (CPO). It had a quirky layout and, having learned that it was a booking office, I now understand why the supervisor sat in a little room with an unglazed window through which he could see everybody come in.

Everything was done by hand and brain, apart from small pink counting machines that could be used with or without a paper printout (plus adders, we called them) that were passed between users and one of the senior ladies used what we called the coffee grinder – a much more complicated piece of machinery requiring much handle turning.

The machine room was past the ladies’ loo into another room where noisy electric Burroughs machines calculated pay, tax and NI on the workers’ payrolls.

I also remember the shaking of the building as the trains rumbled past. But I worked for British Railways, so it was to be expected, wasn’t it? It was a long time ago and I wonder if anyone else has any memories of the old place.

I am also wondering if there are any photographs of the building, especially inside, before it changes forever. I no longer live in Watford so do not see the Observer on a regular basis.

Joy Cooper (née Davies)