People are being encouraged to hand in knives and potentially dangerous weapons as part of a nationwide amnesty.

Hertfordshire Constabulary is taking part in the amnesty between February 12 and February 16 as part of the national knife campaign Operation Sceptre.

In particular, young people are being asked to hand over unwanted knives to the police anonymously in designated knife bins without fear of prosecution for possession.

The amnesty is a chance for young people to learn about the dangers of carrying a knife while making businesses aware that selling certain knives to under-18s is illegal.

David Lloyd, Hertfordshire police and crime commissioner, said: “Crime is low in Hertfordshire in comparison to other counties, but unfortunately some types of knife related crime have increased in many parts of the country.

“Any knives that we can remove from our streets will help to make everyone safer.”

Bill Jephson, assistant chief constable, said: “Over the past year we have seen an increase in incidents in which a knife has been reported, and many of those recorded will be where a knife has been mentioned rather than used.

“In most cases these incidents have involved young people, and the amnesty gives us an opportunity to raise awareness, especially among young people, that carrying a knife is not glamorous or tough.”

If you have a knife in your possession that you do not want or should not have, it can be surrendered at Watford police station in Shady Lane.