People who feel threatened when out on a date can now get help from staff at clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Hertfordshire police have given Ask for Angela scheme stickers to more than 130 venues to let visitors know they can ask staff for help to leave venues discreetly and safely.

Anyone who feels uneasy about a date or a person they have met can approach staff at the venues, who will help them out of the situation.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Langford, said: “Any sex without consent is rape.

“If you want to know more about what consent is, visit our “We can stop it’ campaign webpage

“The Ask for Angela campaign aims to empower people who might feel confident to get out of an awkward situation before any more serious occurs.

“It also encourages venue staff to think about how they might help a vulnerable person in their bar or club.”

A full list of the 137 venues supporting Ask for Angela can be found on the Constabulary webpage

The campaign can be followed on #ItsNotOk.

Contact Herts Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0808 178 4448 or or Herts Rape Crisis on 01707 276 512 for advice and support if affected by rape or sexual assault.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week runs from Monday February 5 to Sunday February 11.