A senior Labour councillor has rejected serious allegations about company expenses after a number of allegations came to light in the media.

Jeremy Newmark, the leader of Hertsmere Labour Group, has been accused of abusing his position as chief executive at the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) a role he held from 2006 to 2013.

The Jewish Chronicle has now printed a leaked, official internal report from the JLC, detailing his alleged expenses claims over a period of years in relation to his work there.

Cllr Newmark, who represents the Borehamwood Kenilworth ward, was diagnosed with diabetes six months before he left his job due to ill-health in 2013.

He told the Borehamwood Times and the Watford Observer he had good answers to allegations: "It's a politically motivated smear and most of them are demonstrably untrue.

"I am currently seeking advice as to the best way I may go about seeking redress for this.

"The entire document is a litany of false allegations, but when you look at the detail, you're presented a photo that didn't exist."

Examples include claims he billed the company for a family holiday, children's rooms, dinner and poolside food and on another occasion, used VIP airport taxi services while abroad in Israel with his wife and children.

But he said: "Appreciate it was many years ago, so I don't have the paperwork to hand.

"I was in Israel for a week long conference and my family joined me for a day or two.

"The hotel were meant to invoice us separately but didn't, and it took quite a long time for the paperwork to be separated out. We only had a part-time book keeper."

He added how he used a VIP service because he came out of a meeting at 8.30am and needed to make a 10am flight.

When asked why this was necessary during a family holiday, he said: "I used the same service with my family as I did when I was there for business, so they billed it through the same account accidentally.

"I paid for it personally."

He was also disappointed that the report made reference to putting a £46,000 BMW car on expenses.

He said: "I had a company car but someone took the taxable value of the car, which bears no resemblance to a monthly lease. It makes it sound like I spent £46,000 on the car."

The Jewish Leadership Council’s trustees include former chairman Sir Mick Davis, who is now chief executive of the Conservative Party, and property tycoon Leo Noé.

He told the Jewish Chronicle he continues to be “consulted” by the JLC on a number of issues.

However the trust said it “categorically” does not contract or engage Mr Newmark, according to the JC.

Simon Johnson, the chief executive officer of the Jewish Leadership Council said: “I was made aware of this matter as soon as I was appointed as chief executive officer.

“I am satisfied that the then chairman (Mick Davis) acted at all times with the knowledge and full support of the trustees.

“Immediately upon my appointment, working closely with our auditors and our trustees, I put in place additional measures to enhance and improve the JLC’s financial control procedures.

“We improved management accounting, tightened spending authority levels and put in additional approvals relating to payments from the bank.

“We have established best practice conflict of interest procedures and reporting of related party transactions.

“These are all documented in detail in our annual statutory accounts.”

Borehamwood Labour councillors, Michelle Vince, Richard Butler and Rebecca Butler defended their colleague.

In a joint statement, they said: “We are angered at the latest attack on Jeremy Newmark. This is a vile politically motivated smear, he has a solid track record of standing up against the establishment for the interests of local people.”

Former chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, Sir Mick Davis who was the chairman at the time of the alleged incidents said: “At all times I acted with the full knowledge and support of the trustees.

“As soon as the Board of Trustees became aware of the issues it acted immediately and in accordance with the advice it received.

“Individual Trustees ensured that the JLC’s accounts were made good and whole. Jeremy resigned due to ill health and the Trustees agreed, with due regard to his welfare and that of his family, that no further action was warranted.”

A spokesperson for Hertsmere Borough Council said: “This is a matter for the JLC and Cllr Newmark, who we note refutes the allegations, and we are not in a position to make any comment.”

Leader of Hertsmere Borough Council, Conservative Morris Bright, said: “Whilst it is for Cllr Newmark personally to answer these revelations, as Leader of the Council at Hertsmere it falls on me to ensure that the reputation of our authority is not tarnished by allegations about any member.

"Residents reading this story will understandably have concerns. I have written to Cllr Newmark requesting an urgent meeting to discuss this matter to then allow both he and the council to decide what action may need to be taken in the coming days and weeks."