A “ghost” footway has solved road safety problems.

Loates Lane in central Watford has a normal footway on one side, but building over the years meant there was never a proper pavement, forcing people living to step into the street.

After talking to highways officers about the problem, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst believes they solved it with what he believes is a first for the county.

Instead of a pavement, painted road markings and shifted double yellow lines give the illusion of a footway.

The Liberal Democrat said: “After a number of discussions with officers we came up with an outside the box idea of a unique 'ghost footway' that gives the clear impression of the footway rather than road.

“I agreed to fund total resurfacing of the road from my local budget to be done at the same time as laying this “ghost path”.

“I persuaded county to fund the “ghost path” using money they had already received from developers in the area.

“This is welcomed by residents not only those living there but those who use the road and prefer to use this side now rather than the sloping, but normal path, the other side of the road to get and from the town centre."