A man was fined thousands of pounds after he avoided paying council tax for more than four years.

Louie Parsons of Lindrick House, South Oxhey, was taken to court by Three Rivers District Council as he owed £5,131.28.

During committal proceedings at St Albans Magistrates Court, he was told to repay the money he owed or face prison.

Cllr Matthew Bedford, who is in charge of Resources and Shared Services, said: “We are determined to take action against those who don’t pay their council tax.

“The residents, who do pay their taxes, expect us to do so, because this income is essential in providing the services that they expect.

“The council has enough pressures on its finances and resources. We give residents ample opportunities to pay their council tax. We know some people are in financial difficulty, and help where we can. If you are struggling contact us as soon as possible before the problem escalates.”