Green-fingered councillors planted new trees around 10 different streets in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions.

Oxhey Liberal Democrat cllr Maggie Parker was joined by county cllr for Central Watford and Oxhey Stephen Giles-Medhurst as they replaced 21 "vacant sites" where the old tree had been removed after it had died or been damaged.

Some of the streets they visited included Cedar Road, Colne Ave, Cross Road, Crossmead, Eastbury Road, Oxhey Avenue, Oxhey Road, Talbot Ave, Thorpe Crescent and Woodwaye.

Cllr Maggie Parker said: "We are so pleased to get these trees planted as it helps ensure our area stays green and also helps the environment by reducing CO2 omissions.

“We hope to secure more new ones next year.”