A politician has hit out at the council after it told him that it would not be repairing a set of potholes.

Former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Ian Stotesbury made a complaint about the state of Salisbury Road in Watford.

However, after logging his concerns with the council, he was told that the potholes had been assessed and “considered safe” and that “no further action will be taken”.

Mr Stotesbury, who also stood for election to Hertfordshire County Council and Watford Borough Council last year, is worried about the state of the road because it is a one way street and he is particularly concerned about the safety of cyclists.

Following the response from the county council, Mr Stotesbury said: "This is a disgrace. There are meters of long holes in the road which is the one way road exit from the Bradshaw block of streets and heavily used by cyclists and drivers.

“To claim nothing needs to be done is disgraceful. Whilst there might be no immediate danger it should be programmed for a repair and not ignored as the council plan to do.

“To make matters worse this road was resurfaced not that long ago as evidence by the lose stone chips everywhere.”

County councillor for central Watford and Oxhey and Lib Dem leader at Hertfordshire County Council, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, has written a formal complaint to the council.

He said: “I do not accept that no further action is planned. It is the only exit and heavily used by drivers and cyclists.

“This is clearly above the default intervention levels for cycling intervention and should be programmed for future repairs and not ignored.

“Please treat as a formal complaint that this situation has been ignored.”

Ralph Sangster, cabinet member for highways at Hertfordshire County Council said: “The potholes are not scheduled for repair at the moment because they currently do not meet our intervention levels. This is not a designated cycle route."

He added: “We are at the height of the pothole season and the weather this year has not been kind to our roads. I understand the publics concerns regarding potholes and we are ensuring that additional resources are focused on maintain our high levels of performance.”