On October 10 my husband and I set off to Spain for a 10-day holiday. While visiting Gibraltar I became ill so went into a chemist for some tablets.

When I returned home I saw my doctor, who sent me for a blood test at Watford General Hospital. While I was there I felt so ill I asked my husband to take me to A&E.

Next thing I knew I was in the Isolation Ward, nicknamed ‘The Prison’. This was because you were not allowed to leave your room. I stayed in my room for 19 days. The doctors and nurses worked exceptionally hard to help me recover. I had blood taken every day by lovely ladies who did their best. Everybody I met in the hospital, from the lady who cleaned my room to the porters were all very happy and cheerful.

My special thanks to the doctors and nurses, the day and night teams, who looked after me exceptionally well. I had a clean bed and nightdress every day. The food was good with a variety of choice.

Thank you all once again for your care and dedication.

Hazel Neville

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