It looks like nothing more than a sweet moment between a parent and their child.

But apparently, giving your child a kiss on their lips could be causing more harm than good.

Experts say it could lead to serious health risks and infections and are warning people to stop doing it.

According to celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques, baby teeth are not strong enoguh to fight against bacteria that comes from other people’s saliva.

He told the Independent: "The enamel is much thinner on baby teeth. It is not as strong as adult enamel so is more likely to decay. It [the bacteria] can even affect the soft tissues and gums before the baby teeth have developed."

"Saliva transfer from parent to child is a risk as this can spread bacteria (such as streptococcus mutans) from adult to child."

Parents should also refrain from sharing cutlery with their kids or blowing on their food to cool it down and keep their toothbrushes a distance away from anyone else’s to reduce contamination.

Children aged two and three should visit the dentist every six months.