Well, they are finally under starters orders, so far only three declared for the Watford Mayoralty Stakes : three riders wearing familiar colours of red, blue or yellow. The riders themselves, considerably less familiar.

A small field considering the prize at stake.

Let me take you, dear punter, through the runners: wearing the red a well-trodden local who knows the course like the back of his hand.

In the blue a complete unknown and outsider, a journeyman who doesn’t appear to have or want permanent stabling he has tried so numerously as to make one wonder just why he entered (silly me, of course I know the prize purse).

The early bookies favourite must surely be a relative newbie but rides out of the same stable, wearing yellow, as the previous multi winner.

Where are green, purple or plain colours? Surely such a prize is worth competing for? Or perhaps the entry requirements and fees are too steep!

Come on fellow punters, surely someone out there is can represent the likes of you and me. They shouldn’t wear party colours.

My wager still needs placing, but where?

David VC Rees

Editor, Vicarage Village Voice