There has been a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing regarding the Met Line extension - so much so, that it can be tricky to understand the viewpoints of both sides.

Those for the scheme feel that they were made a promise for it to be extended. With this, there is the argument that millions of pounds of resource has gone into working for this extension to be feasible, with only the last hurdle needed to secure its future.

There’s also the fact that many of those who live in Watford travel into London for work, helping boost their economy every day in buying their lunches or using TfL transport links around the city. In putting money into the London economy, who’s to say that the people of Watford are not deserving of further transport links?

But the nay-sayers think differently.

Those people may say the promises of the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, were inappropriate - why would he say a line would be extended out of London, but paid for by London to gain access to London?

And this is where there is a bit of a sticky situation for the Mayor incumbent.

The Elizabeth line, which is by many considered to be the crowning jewel of Sadiq Khan’s legacy, will stretch from Reading all the way across to Shenfield in Essex.

While Essex may be considered a close enough county to warrant connections into the city, like Hertfordshire, what on earth is the London Mayor doing in spending millions of London taxpayers’ money on a line to Reading?

If there’s a railway in the pipeline going all the way to Reading, surely an extension through Watford does not seem to be too much to ask?