On Saturday March 24, millions of people worldwide will go ‘lights out’ on WWF’s Earth Hour. It’s a brilliant opportunity to show that you care about the future of our planet and want to protect the planet.

I am deeply concerned about the threat of climate change. It is the biggest environmental issue the human race has ever faced and puts our planet and everything that depends on it in danger, to the extent that we could see one in six species face extinction.

But while many people feel powerless to act, in fact the opposite is true. International agreements, government plans and business action towards restoring nature are of course essential, but our individual actions can make a huge contribution to future-proofing our planet, too.

As a WWF supporter, I am urging your readers to consider what small changes they could make to their everyday lives – what we eat, drink, wear and drive all affect the environment. There are many ways to personally make a difference and help to reverse some of the damaged caused to our planet. You could reduce the amount of meat you eat, invest in a reusable coffee cup, or say no to plastic bags and plastic cutlery. Do some of these, but also tell the politicians who represent you locally, and who want your vote, that you care about your planet. These actions might seem small individually, but millions of people together will have a massive, powerful impact.

I feel increasingly positive that we can restore our planet to full health. Climate change has never been higher on the agenda and it’s reassuring to hear more people discussing the issue and asking how they can make a difference. The reality is it’s everyone’s responsibility do what they can to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We will only succeed if we work together and commit to protecting our planet for future generations.

To find out more and to make an Earth Hour to protect the planet, go to www.wwf.org.uk/earthhour and use the hashtag #PromiseForThePlanet.

Ellie Goulding