A Liberal Democrat councillor has immediately resigned from the party after it became clear he would not be selected to run for the party ahead of May's upcoming local elections.

Following Martin Brooks resignation, it means that the Lib Dems has lost its overall majority, for now, at Three Rivers Council.

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Mr Brooks, who represents Leavesden, was approaching the end of his four year term.

At a meeting on March 18, Mr Brooks was interviewed by three senior members after he applied to restand for the Lib Dems in Leavesden. However, when it became clear that he would not be reselected, he resigned on Wednesday.

He has told the Watford Observer of his "intentions to run as an independent" when elections come around in May.

The defection comes after Durrants councillor Alison Wall left the Lib Dems to join the Conservative party in February.

Leader of Three Rivers Council, Sara Bedford, said: “Within the last week Martin clearly supported the group at a council meeting and expressed his wish to stand as a Liberal Democrat candidate. However he has now withdrawn when it became clear that he was not to be reselected.

“The Liberal Democrats will be putting forward a candidate for Leavesden who is fully committed to Leavesden, Three Rivers and the Liberal Democrat team."

There are now 19 Lib Dem councillors, 16 Conservatives, 3 Labour, and one Independent.

There is no full council meeting between now and the election on May 3.