In a world dominated by technology and social media, it is no surprise people are becoming more distant from each other.

In a bid to tackle loneliness and isolation among both the younger and older generations in society, Leggatts ward cllr Bilqees Mauthoor is on a mission to bring people together through technology.

Cllr Mauthoor is working with Watford Borough Council on the End to Loneliness campaign – which was started by the late MP Jo Cox.

Sukaina Bharwani, a resident in north Watford, approached cllr Mauthoor about an idea to write A Letter To My Younger Self in a bid to “revitalise connection between people”.

She said: “I was so honoured to be asked to write a letter to younger myself and support this initiative, I am sure local residents will join me and support this project.

“I look forward to read other people’s interesting stories.”

Here is cllr Mauthoor’s letter to her younger self:

Dear Bilqees, I am writing this letter to myself because many times you feel that you walk your path alone.

I want to take you back to the 25th July 1998, it was a hot summer’s day, you were 19 years old and You just finished A- levels. You were sitting at the back passenger seat of a white Roll Royce car, dressed in a fairy tale white wedding dress, you looked so beautiful and graceful, you made members in your family so proud and relieved that you were getting married.

The traffic lights turned red, the driver adjusted his mirror so that he could see you directly and he said in a very firm but reassuring voice, “Mam if I turn right we will drive towards your wedding hall but if I drive straight ahead I will take you towards Heathrow airport”.

You were stunned and lost for words, for a split second you thought he was an angel sent from heaven to save you, to give you another chance to live. You saw yourself going towards the airport and you were excited but in reality, you kept your mouth shut.

Within a few seconds other voices in the car spoke for you and said “turn right to wards the hall”.

Bilqees, many times in your life you will come across situations where your actions are the opposite to how you feel. Especially when it comes to making decisions about giving yourself the freedom to love and feel. Although you were lucky you were not forced to marry but it was expected of you, it was the next step in life that made sense because you thought you were in love but really you were not. Bilqees you were scared, and you acted brave because you had no one you could turn to.

You will find that you will be making very important decisions that will alter your destiny.

You will have some wishes that you will forever hunt for, but you should not despair. You will find that your passion for care and justice will be of use to the world in your work and political career. But you will also care so much about the people around you, that you forget how to enjoy your own company.

People will come into your life that will try and destroy your confidence and self-esteem; you will rise above it and become much stronger, but you have to give yourself time to grow and enjoy being comfortable in your own skin. You will come across poison that will taste like wine, you will smile when someone shuts a door in your face, but you will rise above it. Your teary nights will become a distant memory and you will become so strong that you will even scare yourself at times.

You will have a longing desire to learn how to play the piano and horse riding…. do it and don’t just say you will leave it until the following year.

Bilqees you must nurture your soul and bring your inner self to light, you will find yourself in a room of strangers talking about how you want your world to look like. You will be a loyal servant to the people around you and you will try to fix problems in any way you know how.

So a word of advice: every month from now make a wish to accomplish or treat yourself to something for you and only you, don’t let anyone try to get in your way.

You will become the best that you can be and will rise even further than your expectations. People around you will accept you the way you are because you are genuine and real.

Your intentions are good so let your actions follow.

Yours truly Bilqees, 38

If you would like to share your letter to your younger self, anonymously, send it to:

To see letters already shared, follow @mylettertomyyoungerself on Instagram