A single mother with a chronic pain condition was distressed after being left without heating or hot water last weekend.

Katrina Grady is fed up with having to call Thrive Homes every few days with a new issue with the home she has lived in for four years in Matlock Crescent, Watford.

Although her boiler was fixed on Monday morning, the 34-year-old says she has been left in the cold before when two windows were replaced incorrectly after they were damaged by condensation.

She also worries about the health of her 11 and 12-year-old daughters after discovering mould in four different rooms.

Ms Grady added she struggles with mobility as she has suffered with a condition called fibromyalgia for the last 17 years and needs help maintaining the house.

She explained: “I feel shocked as nobody seems to be forthcoming about helping me.

“Every day is a struggle and I cry everyday as I have pain and pressure points all over my body which causes my fingers to curl and I get cramps in my body which prevents me from being able to move.

“Although the problems get repaired, I should not have to phone Thrive Homes every few days with a new issue.”

A spokesperson for Thrive Homes responded: “The electrical issue at the property, reported to us on Sunday April 8 was repaired on Monday April 9 and both the heating and hot water were reinstated.

“Ms Grady has refused to discuss any other repair-related concerns she may have with Thrive or to accept an appointment with our surveyor.

“Without access to survey, we cannot determine whether the alleged mould growth is due to a property issue or lifestyle.”