A popular business park became a hive of activity when adults and children came to learn about a resident colony of honey bees.

Croxley Park in Watford was all a buzz on April 12 when Park employees and their children put on protective clothing and joined beekeeper, John Beavan of Nurture Landscapes to be educated about the bees.

Although Watford is home to the Hornets (Watford FC), Croxley Park is home to some 240,000 honey bees in its bee yard, or apiary.

John said: “Honey bees are sociable creatures, living in colonies, much like the set up here in Croxley Park.

“Colony Collapse Disorder, where bees disappear for no obvious reason, has wiped out millions of hives in the past few years, but I don’t think there’s any danger of that at Croxley Park.

“I can see many similarities between my bees and the thriving community of workers here.”

Ezra Farina aged 10, said they had no idea about the life of bees before the session, adding “They’re non-stop, I understand how to be busy as a bee now.”

Last year, planning permission was granted to build a new 28,782 square foot “amenity hub” called “The Hive”, at Croxley Park.

It will feature a new waterside café, restaurant and terraces, floor spaces for meeting and events, a gym, concierge and outdoor area.

Croxley Park saw the largest speculative building in Watford for 15 years, “Building Two”, completed in November last year. Two more deals totalling 40,700 square feet were signed with Corona Energy and pharmaceutical company, Glenmark.

For more information about Croxley Park and its events visit www.croxleypark.com/events