A bungalow has been demolished and a homeowner has been fined thousands of pounds following a dispute over planning permission.

Mr Kenealy, who lives in the Three Rivers District, was ordered to pay a total of £12,764 for failing to comply with an enforcement notice seeking the removal of a bungalow within the Metropolitan Green Belt.

In March 2017 the council defended an enforcement appeal relating to a bungalow being built after the Planning Inspector stated that Mr Kenealy had previously provided untrue information.

It was also claimed he influenced others to falsify documents during the enforcement investigation in an attempt to mislead the council.

The unauthorised bungalow was required to be removed last September but was still in situ in early 2018 which led to the council taking matters to St Albans Magistrates Court.

Mr Kenealy pleaded guilty on all four charges and in mitigation apologised for his actions and advised that he had learnt a lesson.

In sentencing the defendant the court said: “Mr Kenealy you could have told the truth about how long the bungalow had been there.

“You lied and said it was there for longer than four years. The council had to go into the process of proving otherwise.

“You have not complied with steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Enforcement Notice and now you plead guilty and say you are sorry.”

The bungalow has now been demolished and the council are awaiting restoration of the land.

Kimberley Rowley, Head of Regulatory Services, said: “This case should be a warning to others within the district who wish to develop without planning permission.

“The consequences can be severe as Mr Kenealy has subsequently found out.

“Land owners are always encouraged to seek pre-application engagement before commencing work and this can prevent enforcement action and possible financial implications.”