People will still be able to vote for a council candidate in the upcoming elections despite him being suspended by the Conservatives.

Darren Harrison is still standing in the Tudor ward in Watford in the elections on May 3 even though he is currently being investigated.

Watford Conservative council candidate has been suspended for 'supporting white supremacists'

Here is what happens when a candidate is suspended by their party:

• All nominations submitted and valid by close on nominations day (4pm on 19th day before poll) have to be included in the poll and on the ballot paper.

• The only exception to this would be if a candidate died before or on election day in which case the poll for that election would be cancelled.

• Voters can still vote for the candidate. If he wins the election in Tudor ward he can take his seat.

• On the ballot paper the candidate will appear as a Conservative candidate. It is the responsibility of the Conservative Party and the candidate to communicate with residents about what is happening in terms of his suspension from the party.

• If the candidate wins the election in Tudor ward but the party decides to permanently suspend him, he could continue as an independent councillor. Being suspended from the party would not prevent him from being a councillor if he is elected.