At the council elections on 3rd May, voters in Watford were part of a Voter ID Pilot. The pilots will be formally evaluated by the Electoral Commission, but the Political Skills Forum is carrying out additional surveys, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd, to gather more informal feedback on people’s experiences.

If any of your readers were turned away, or know of anyone who was turned away, because they didn’t have the required paperwork, I would be interested to hear about their experience. I would also like to hear from anyone who didn’t go to vote as they couldn’t find the paperwork they needed.

Finally, I would be interested to learn whether anyone felt they had to queue for longer when they got to a polling station because of the additional checks, and whether anyone did not vote because they saw queues and couldn’t wait. Please contact me by email on Thankyou.

Janet Grauberg

Associate, Political Skills Forum