The MP for Watford has welcomed the news that almost 7,000 children are benefiting from 30 hours of free childcare in Hertfordshire.

When it was announced that there would be pilots of the 30 hours free childcare throughout the country, Mr Harrington lobbied the Department of Education to ask that Watford be one of these pilots.

Last year, Mr Harrington visited Kingswood Nursery School where he spoke to parents who were beneficiaries of the scheme, and many said how the additional hours had been "transformational", by improving family finances and creating a much better work-life balance.

Mr Harrington said: "Childcare in Watford is expensive but high quality. I know that for many parents, being able to afford good-quality childcare is so important. That’s why I really welcome the fact that nearly 7,000 children have benefited from this in Hertfordshire.

"Speaking to parents, I know what a difference 30 free hours is making here in Watford. Reliable childcare just makes day to day life that bit easier.”