A troubled school has revealed to parents for the first time that the school could close this summer.

Parents at Rudolf Steiner School in Kings Langley were sent an email at the end of last week which stated that the school could be forced to shut in July if new insurers are not found.

The email also comes off the the back of news that the private school has failed another Ofsted inspection.

Inspectors visited the school in Langley Hill on May 10 this month but key findings revealed that safeguarding of pupils and quality of teaching remain not met.

Ofsted has inspected the school four times since December 2016. Only once has the independent school standard been met - in November last year.

Tim Byford, who joined the school in the summer of last year has resigned. Martin Blain has been announced as Mr Byford's replacement but he will only take charge if the school remains open next year.

The letter written on behalf of the school's trustees, said: "The school’s insurers have indicated that they will not be in a position to insure the school after the current period expires at the end of July. Alternative insurance options are being sought as a matter of urgency. A school cannot operate without insurance so this may prove the decisive factor. If new insurance is not found, this will render the tribunal process irrelevant and the school will have to close.

"The trustees now believe that there is a serious possibility that the school will have to close at the end this academic year, and that it is important that parents and staff know this. We understand that this update will be distressing for children, parents, staff and the whole community. However we feel duty-bound to give an honest assessment, as soon as possible, about the current situation."

The trustees are calling an emergency general meeting of the RSSKL Association which will be held on June 5 at 6.30pm. A number of scenarios will be discussed including the possibility of finding new insurers or a merger with another school or trust. The school are also intending to complain to Ofsted about what it sees as some "inaccurate and tendentious conclusions and statements" in the context of the upcoming tribunal.

Issues were first raised at the school in March 2016, and last year, the Department for Education banned the school from accepting any new pupils, which the school is appealing.

A spokesperson for Rudolf Steiner School said: "We have always sought to be open and honest with parents, and that includes sharing with them the prospect that the school may close, so that they can consider alternative education for their children. However, no decision has been taken on this and we do not want to close. Alternative insurance is being sought.

"Although we take issue with Ofsted regarding some of the content of the report, and intend to make a formal complaint, we also acknowledge other issues that fell short of the standards we expect.

"If the school secures insurance and pursues its appeal to the tribunal then we are still confident of the outcome."