People living next to planned housing for homeless families say it could endanger their grandchildren and impede their supply of ‘natural vitamin D’.

Three Rivers District Council’s proposal involves the destruction of the garages between 83 and 89 The Queens Drive in Mill End and the building of six two bedroom flats on the site.

Gordon Campbell Clark, 80, of The Queens Drive, said in their objection: “On behalf of my wife and I we are in total opposition to the proposal of the demolition of the garages.

“First and foremost we are retired and our garden is where we have our little peace of mind on a regular basis.

“The sunlight garnishes our garden which will be blocked and that is where we spend our downtime getting our natural Vitamin D.”

The types of people who would be living in the proposed temporary housing is also concerning Mr Clark.

He added: “We are very sceptical of who our neighbours will be, especially in the serious times we now live in.

“We are grandparents and our grandchildren visit us on a regular basis. We have grave concerns for their safety.”

The 80-year-old said: “Our property adjoins the garages and we more than anyone else will suffer greatly if this should be done.”

Chorleywood Parish Council has also objected to the build saying that the proximity to the M25 and lack of parking for the vehicles in the garages make the location not viable for homes.

Three Rivers District Council have said that proposals are a result of the need to reduce the number of people in temporary accommodation and the need to keep people in the area.

The district currently has 51 homeless families in temporary accommodation, of which 13 are currently placed in temporary accommodation far away in Harlow, Essex.

The application is due to be re-presented to planning committee on June 28for an expected decision.