A council is seeking a removal order to move on travellers who have set up camp for a third time.

Eight caravans have set up camp in playing fields in Little Bushey Lane after they left King George Recreation Ground in Bushey last week.

The travellers had previously been moved from land near Golf Close.

Hertsmere Borough Council will be seeking a removal order this week and St Albans Magistrates Court will decide this Thursday whether to grant the order.

Council officers are also aware of another group of travellers, who have moved on to a site at Parkfield in Potters Bar.

Officers have attended and served a notice of direction requiring the travellers to leave. If they don’t move voluntarily, a further removal order will also be sought from the court.

Cllr Seamus Quilty, responsible for the environment and transport, said: “Our officers have responded to these incursions as promptly as they can within the parameters of the law.

“We will continue to follow the legislative process, but this can take up to five days to complete, subject to court availability. We have moved as quickly as we can to secure the necessary approvals.

“We appreciate these incursions have been frustrating for members of the public and residents and we will now move as swiftly as we are able to take the necessary steps to ensure the travellers leave Little Bushey Lane and Parkfield.”`

A car boot sale in Little Bushey Lane was cancelled yesterday (Sunday) “due to the travellers setting up camp in the adjacent field after being advised to close”.