With a church dating back to the early 13 century at the bottom, an award winning theatre built in 1908 in the middle and the Westminster Bank Limited building of 1834 at the top.

The High Street in Watford not only proudly displays its history and cultural heritage on almost every corner but looks into the future with the coming of the modern intu complex and a new, pedestrian friendly pathway to access it all.

Lined on both sides with the gastronomical diversity, world class entertainment and night life worthy of its numerous recognitions the High Street is the place to be and what I love most about Watford.

M. Thomas Brooks, Local Historian, Author and Lecturer

I have lived in Watford for three years and worked here for nearly ten and I am always struck by what a special and connected community it is.

This is a town where people genuinely want to work together to help others – I love that and it fills me with a sense of pride.

Businesses, voluntary organisations, the council, politicians and members of the public work tirelessly every day to support activities that help some of the most vulnerable and in need members of the community.

Other towns talk about doing it but Watford does it. I have a busy life but when I want to relax I love the fact that Watford has a beautiful park right on my doorstep and that the town is home to a Premier League Football club, a producing theatre, a major concert and entertainment venue and of course not forgetting a rather large shopping centre.

Lynne Misner


Small Acts of Kindness

Watford means home. We moved into the area nearly 27 years ago, and we are still here!

This is where we have made good friends, seen our children grow up, and become part of the community.

In some ways, Watford is a small friendly town.

It is amazing how often you meet someone new who you discover knows a person you know.

But it is also a place with big ambitions.

You only have to look at the thriving town centre with its new developments, plus a Premier League football club, film studios, great parks and leisure centres, athletics stadium, and museum.

A wonderful place to call home!

Cllr Stephen Bolton, Cabinet Member and Central ward councillor

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