A sinkhole which is around four-feet deep has opened up in the middle of a residential road.

The hole in the street appeared at around midday on June 23 in the middle of Saint James Road, Watford. 

People living in Saint James Road called the council highways department to report the matter straight away and it has since been cordoned off with metal fencing and signage.

The opening in the tarmac is the size of a large dinner plate and there appears to be a slight depression around the area. 

Watford Observer:

Sophie Colgate, who has lived Saint James Road for twenty years, said: “My husband Matthew came back from work saying, ‘there’s a sinkhole in the road’.

“I called highways and they said they would send someone out and by then time we had been into town the police were here to cordon it off.”

Speaking about how it has affected traffic in her road, Sophie said: “The parking is marvellous on the other side (of the cordon) because nothing can come down to meet them.”

Sophie said the council had said the sinkhole would be fixed by Wednesday (June 27).

Watford Observer:

One person living in the street who did not want to be named said: “We were out when it happened. 

“When we got back we had to move our car. The council said they would be back on Monday, but nobody has been this morning. They say its four-feet deep.

“It’s a one-way so on the other side they’re fine but when people come down they don’t know what to do.

She added: “It’s kind of inconvenient because that’s a lot of parking spaces (taken up by the cordon). But as long as we can park our car.”

The woman said the council do “look after” the road in as far as “cleaning and gritting in winter” but that Herts roads are “bad generally”.

A Royal Mail postman delivering parcels, said: “It will affect me because I have to deliver beyond the cordon.

“The potholes are everywhere in Watford and I’d say they’re bad here – I’m a cyclist.”

Rory Moore from Bramor Construction was working beyond the cordon. He said: “It was some time after midday Saturday.

“It is a little bit awkward. I have had to drive up and turn around, but the neighbours have been good and polite about it.”