This is the moment a lorry which became stuck under a “low bridge” causing “traffic chaos” was finally pulled free after nearly nine hours.

Police were called at around 4.44pm on June 21 to Bridge Road, Hunton Bridge, in Abbots Langley after reports a lorry had become wedged in the tunnel.

Due to concerns about the “structural integrity” of the bridge after the collision, emergency services, including the fire service were called to the scene.

A Network Rail engineer also attended.

The lorry was eventually pulled free at around 1.30am on June 22, but the road remained closed throughout the operation.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Shortly after the crash, one resident said: “It's causing traffic chaos and caused the trains to go slow also. Fortunately, most drivers are being good humoured about it.

“The retained fire service are letting the tyres down to try and free it.”

The blue and yellow DAF lorry had tried to pass through the tunnel marked “low bridge” in fluorescent yellow lettering before getting jammed with the cab sticking out the end.

All footage and imagery provided by Chris Whately-Smith.

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