Bowls club fights back I note from the article on Peter Taylor’s first 50 days in office that he refers to closure of Watford Indoor Bowls Club as if it is a fact. It will be for the court to decide whether or not we are granted a new lease and in our opinion we have a strong case.

Look back: New mayor reflects on first 50 days

The council were only too happy to take £25,000 to £30,000 off us for the past ten or so years (and more per year before that) for a facility they did not pay anything to build and did not pay anything to maintain. This amount was slightly below the full rent they demanded which was far in excess of that paid by the vast majority if not all of other indoor bowls clubs throughout the country.

The council have advised the court that they consider the current fair rent to be £23,500. This is much lower than we have been paying ever since we opened so it is WIBC that have been overcharged by the council.

It appears that the council are making every effort to frighten our members into transferring to another club or, in many cases, to stop bowling altogether. Interesting that in another part of the same article he refers to the need to look after people with dementia. I would suggest that a bowls club goes some way to preventing a number of people getting dementia in the first place.

Incidentally it is interesting that on the council’s website Watford Indoor Bowls Club is listed as one of the finest in the country.

Audrey Watts

Hon Secretary, Watford Indoor Bowls Club

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