A pub showing the World Cup has been the target of abuse after it decided to start charging punters to watch the football.

The Pavillion pub on Green Lane in Oxhey Hall announced it would begin charging £10 a head for people to watch England play Croatia in the World Cup finals on July 11.

Shortly after the announcement accusations of “greed” were hurled at the owners who maintained they are just “looking after” their business. 

One person on social media threatened to boycott the pub, another said it was “disgusting” and yet another complained because the game will be shown on a Freeview channel.

There was also concern the pub would be charging £10 for children to watch the football which the owner denied.

Pavillion manager, Jay Vigh, said: “We haven’t been charging for previous games but we have been overrun. We are not usually this busy.

“The problem is there are too many people and many are not regulars and I am the only pub in the area with a big screen.

“I am limiting entry to 150 people, I am not charging for children and everyone who pays the £10 gets a free drink.”

Jay said he felt the £10 charge was “fair” and that he was just “looking after” his business. He said that in previous matches a window had been smashed and the carpets and ceilings had to be cleaned after raucous celebration. 

Jay added that since the announcement he had been the subject of verbal abuse, adding: “I am doing this so I can serve people and they aren’t waiting a long time for a drink and they’re comfortable.”

One punter, Jackie Downes Gladdy, said: “I have watched all the games there and now I have to pay. I have not so much as seen or heard a problem there - I think they are just greedy.

“I’m so angry. They say they are community pub but I will never go in there again which I did every month for a family meal. He as lost 14 of us.”

On the subject of losing loyal customers, Jay said: “I can only apologise if they think they’ve been mistreated. It hasn’t come from any malice and my regulars are fine with it.”

He added he hoped England go through to the final.