The National Animal Welfare Trust, or NAWT as most of us know it, has been a staple of the Watford community for decades.

They have helped countless dogs and cats find their forever home, completing families across Hertfordshire. With the help of photographer Holly Cant, we decided to put some of the charity’s long-standing residents in the spotlight.

To enquire about adopting, please contact the centre on 0208 950 0177, or visit

If you would like your pet in the spotlight, please visit or call 07842 826929.

Gemma, 12, & Trixie, 9

They are both quite nervous around new people and in new situations but once we get to know you, are very sweet and loving. They are looking for a patient owner who can give lots of love and plenty of TLC. They are looking for a home with adults or families who have children aged 12 and above.

Zen, 8

Clumsy, happy and not aware of personal space at times, Zen’s ideal owner would be with someone who is active, experienced and home all day so can have plenty of quality time together. He’s looking for a home with adults or families who have children aged 12 and above.

Kaleb, 4

He has been at the centre for a while now, and still hasn’t found a family. He doesn’t show himself off well in kennels as he barks at people. He doesn’t mean to, he’s just worried unless he gets to know you.

He’s looking for a home with adults or families who have children aged 16 and above.

Tessie, 8

She is looking for an experienced and active owner who will take her on long walks and will have lots of time to spend with her as she doesn’t like being left all alone for long periods of time.

Jessie, 10

Has been through a lot and has come out the other side as a sweet, intelligent and charming lady. Please do not be put off from lumps and bumps; they do not bother her so don’t let them bother you!

Both wonderful sweet dogs who are looking for a forever home together. Still learning to play with toys, perhaps you can be the one to show them how fun they can be?

Marnie, 8

Affectionate, sweet natured girl who enjoys her walks and loves having lots of fuss and cuddles. There’s so much love to give to you and would make a wonderful companion.

Rocky, 3

A lovely, friendly boy with lots of energy. He’s so clever, he will need you to build up the time he is left alone gradually, but in an active working home, he could possibly be left for up to 4 hours.