What does Watford mean to me?

Having lived in Watford for 27 years this is the place I am proud to call home. I love the fact I can be in London within 20 minutes and yet be in the country in 10. One of my favourite walks is along the canal and Cassiobury Park ANY time of the year. I wear many hats; I own my own company Verde Business Solutions; a female entrepreneur Business Club – Sapphire; I am a volunteer at Pump House CYT and numerous committees and I have the good fortune to be part of The Pump House Theatre which I believe is indicative of Watford; friendly; diverse and a real community.

Sharon Gaffney

Director, Verde Business Solutions

Business Development Manager, Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre

Watford is the place where ‘I grew up’. I have cherished childhood memories of shopping trips with my Nan that always involved tea and cake in Clements. Then, later ones of my time teaching at West Herts College and nights out in town. I was born in Watford General as were all of my three children. My job at Home-Start means I work at the heart of our town. Home-Start is a community based charity providing support for families through trained volunteers who are all parents themselves. I love the vibrant diversity of Watford but despair at the poverty I see amongst families and the complex issues they face. However, despite economic pressures the caring, generous and passionate voluntary community has remained as strong as ever and I very proud to be part of this Watford life. To find out more about Home-Start please visit our website www.home-startwatford.org.uk

Emma Power

Scheme Manager


Watford to me means family, community, and of course history. As Watford Museum Curator I collect and share the objects and stories that mean so much to local people – from Charlie the Gordon Scott monkey to the Watford Observer Clock.

I was born in Watford and it’s a wonderful place to live with my family. There’s so much going on creatively and in the community. Watford Museum has an exciting part in that, made possible by Watford Council, local partnerships and support. Watford’s history is fascinating and fun, and will be celebrated with our plans for transforming Watford Museum.

Sarah Priestley

Heritage & Arts Manager -

Watford Museum Curator

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