I moved here from Radlett as a 12-year-old boy when my dad became the station master at Watford High Street. As a kid, Watford was so exciting. Lots of trains to spot, a League football team and a huge park with the freedom to hang out with friends. As a teenager there was a vibrant music scene, five cinemas and easy access to London for clothes and clubs. In my 20s I got involved in local politics, which led to a lifetime of service and one of the passions of my life. I got married and raised kids here. My grandkids always default to Cassiobury Park when I ask them what they’d like to do. When I look at what Watford has become over the decades, I still see an exciting prosperous town with a top football club and magnificent theatre, now rich in diversity with strong communities and huge voluntary commitment. There’s nowhere else I’d want to live.

- Mike Jackson,

Chair, Watford Labour Party