Kichwa Indian Javier Haulinga left his home in Ecuador for the very first time in March this year to appear on stage in Watford.

The play, Rainforest Dreams, was based on the plight of the indigenous people living deep in the Amazon Rainforest, and he was a surprise star at the Pump House Theatre.

Now a partnership has been formed, not only to bring the production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but to bring Javier back as well so he can return to the stage.

The partnership comprises of award winning drama group Pump House Childrens Youth Theatre, Warner Bros. Studio in Leavesden, eco centre Sani Lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon and environmental organization Plan it Eco.

Javier is a guide in the Amazon and the Rainforest is his home, he will be the first Kichwa Indian in Edinburgh. He has learned exceptional English to be a guide at home and at the festival he will explain to the audience what is happening first hand - and people will have the opportunity to speak to him directly.

Sharon Gaffney, 53, and her two children Connor, 21, and Evie, 19, were inspired after leaving their home in Watford to spend time living with the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, learning about the life they lead and how this has been forced to change.

Phil Williams, a former TV producer now working at Plan it Eco, worked with Sharon to write the script.

Rainforest Dreams is about a group of students find themselves transported to the Rainforest, to find they are running for their lives as soon as they arrive. With footage from real indigenous Indians of the Amazonian Rainforest (filmed specifically for this production) they share what happens to the people living with the oil exploration and the illegal logging on an everyday basis.

On screen they interact with the students giving a real insight into how they live.

Threatened with their lives will this group of teenagers do the right thing, or will they succumb to the illegal loggers and oilmen’s demands? With a real twist at the end it is difficult to guess what direction they will take.

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