With reference to last week’s story on Watford Borough Council’s call for a new A&E Hospital for West Herts to be built in Watford, I had to read the story several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming - quite a remarkable turnaround by the council from merely backing West Herts Hospital Trust’s plans to patch-up the Vicarage Road site over more than 12 years. (That would be nothing more than preserving a museum celebrating the last 70 years.)

Hopefully this is an indication that the trust is revisiting the new hospital option and looking for a future proof solution to serve West Herts for the next 70 years. I have no problem whether the location for a new A&E Hospital is in Watford, St Albans or Hemel - all I ask is that the new state of the art hospital is more central and accessible than Vicarage Road with patient friendly bus terminals and plenty of flat parking. Not much to ask for.

Let’s all embrace this exciting opportunity and get on with building a brighter and healthier future for everyone living and working in West Herts.

Andy Love

By email