A property developer is teaming up with a charity for the homeless to provide accommodation for people living on the street.

New Hope will partner with developers GS8 as part of the their Regener8tion project after being granted planning permission on St Albans Road.

The initiative will see GS8 commit to making donations towards New Hope for every flat they are given planning permission for.

A spokesperson for New Hope said the developers had been given planning permission just last month to build “medium-height blocks of affordable and higher-priced” flats on St Albans Road which will include a “community space” and converting a listed building into a tap house for a nearby brewery.

The New Hope spokesperson went on to say: “Money given to the charity will be used to provide emergency accommodation and on-going support to people on the street.”

GS8 director, Josh Gordon, said: “We are delighted that having been granted planning on St Albans Road, we can now bring our Regener8tion initiative forward, starting with New Hope.

“Having toured New Hope’s facilities and seeing their amazing work first hand, we are looking forward to sitting down with them in due course to discuss the best route for the funds we will be donating.

“We strongly believe that developers have a responsibility to work with local homeless charities and the community in some way - hence this initiative which we will this week be discussing with the GLA. We hope this is only the start.”

The commitment laid out by GS8 will have a profound impact on the work New Hope are doing.

Fundraising and communications officer, Sam Weightman, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be working with GS8 - from the moment we met there was a genuine and real concern for those who are homeless in Watford.

“We are excited to be working with an organisation who want to make an impact not just on Watford as a whole, but for those who are faced with such dire circumstances.

“We are so incredibly grateful to be part of the Regener8tion campaign, which will continue to help New Hope strive towards our goal of preventing homelessness and transforming lives through our services.”

For more details about GS8 visit www.gs8.london

More details about New Hope are available here www.newhope.org.uk