A councillor has embarked on a walk of nearly 200 miles walking the boundary of Hertfordshire.

Cllr Rupert Barnes, who represents Dickinsons ward in Croxley Green, set off today on the 170 mile walk to raise money for the Stroke Association.

The charity is close to Cllr Barnes heart; he once watched as his close friend collapsed in front of him, suffering a major stroke.

He said: “I was helpless to do anything. It made me realise how fragile we are and the permanent care needed by those who are struck.”

A keen walker already, Cllr Barnes has already completed a 45-mile Middlesex Greenway last summer.

He will take a break "boring the socks off people about parking" to take on the challenge which will cover the very edges of Hertfordshire, including the county’s highest point near Tring.

He added: “Hertfordshire has given me so much that this walk all around it is a tribute to the county. It will be my biggest challenge for a while. The route follows the border of the traditional county, not the county council area, as this is a path to embrace the county, not to find the edge of bureaucratic interference.

“I will have a continuous walk for the first few days and see how far I can push on. The next week I am back to my duties, at work and sorting out the village’s parking issues, so I will finish it off over the course following weekends.

“I have a friend who is currently walking the whole boundary of Lancashire, which puts my effort in the shade. I am not underestimating the challenge though.”

Cllr Barnes, who is a member of Three Rivers District Council’s leisure committee, is hoping that people will be inspired to get out more and enjoy the countryside.

To find out more and support Cllr Barnes’ journey visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wildthinguk