Voters are being asked where they would like their new polling station to be after concerns were raised over the sites that have been used.

Letters have been sent to all 838 voters in polling district DCAA, part of Oxhey Hall & Hayling.

The options are the scout hut in Green Lane, a mobile polling station in The Pavilion car park in Green Lane, and Oxhey Hall Community Centre in Broadfields Lane off Hampermill Lane.

Following the local election in May, the Watford Observer reported how one voter was “outraged” by the scout hut polling station which was being used for the first time.

Watford Observer:

The scout hut

Karen Golanski, 58, from Oxhey described the hut as “unsuitable” adding anyone one in a wheelchair or with a walking stick would have “struggled”.

The polling station had been moved from the portable building in The Pavilion car park. Four years earlier, the community centre was where constituents voted.

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In a leaflet, the Lib Dems said the portable building proved an “unpopular” choice, particularly for residents with mobility issues so the scout hut was suggested.

However, the party says the hut has also proved to be unpopular which is why the consultation is now being carried out.

Three Rivers Labour leader Cllr Stephen Cox claims that the mobile station in The Pavilion is the best option for voters due to the “well-lit and spacious” location. He adds the community hall is a “long way away” for many homeowners.

People have until August 31 to respond to the consultation of which details are on the form.