Watford would swing to remain if the Referendum happened today, according to a poll.

People in the area who voted to Leave the European Union in June 2016 would now change their mind, say Best for Britain.

Watford voted to Leave during the Referendum, and the UK is due to exit the EU in March 2019.

The campaign group say Remain would now win, with 55 per cent of the vote. The polling showed that there had been a significant swing from Leave to Remain since the vote in 2016 as the reality of the Brexit negotiations has started to bite.

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Watford and Callowland councillor said: "This data simply backs up what I have been hearing on the doorstep across the town.

"People are worried about the direction that Brexit is heading in, in particular the fear that we may crash out of Europe Union without a deal at all.

"What direction our country is taking, and what Brexit deal we get, really matters and is too important a decision just to be left to politicians."

He is calling for a People’s Vote on the deal that finally gets presented to the public who are given the option to "stay in the EU."

"Watford had one of the narrowest votes to leave in the entire country."

Labour leader of the opposition, Nigel bell, said: "I think it is significant that in our town as across the country as residents have understood the implications for employment, for themselves and their families, as well as prices in the shops in the last year, views have changed about Brexit.

"This is what I have picked up in Watford.

"I along with many in Watford now support a meaning full vote on whatever is negotiated by March next year although the best vote would be a general election."