Dogs across the country are among the newest recruits fighting for a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

The ‘Wooferendum’ officially launched today will see a mass gathering of dogs and their owners on Sunday October 7 as the canine campaigners march through central London and hand a petition into Downing Street.

Celebrities and public figures have put their dogs’ names down, demanding a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

Archie, a seven-year-old terrier and spokesdog for the campaign said: “Dogs were never consulted about Brexit.

“Ever since the referendum, hardline Brexiteer politicians have tried to muzzle anyone who thinks Brexit is a bad idea. Millions of us are sad and worried. Brexit is turning into a dog’s dinner and people deserve a say.

“Never mind pet passports, it’s our owners we are concerned about. That’s why we are barking out. If your best friend was in trouble, what would you do?”

The grassroots movement has seen dogs of all types and ages join forces in a collective howl sweeping the country.

Photos of dogs posing with ‘Stop Brexit #Wooferendum’ signs have been appearing in cities around the UK, in pubs, cafes, on lampposts and bus shelters.

And momentum is gathering on social media – with concerned pets encouraged to get involved and post their own photos.

In parks and public spaces, pawlitical pamphlets have started circulating.

‘The Wooferendum Is Coming,’ a one-minute film featuring dogs taking the lead on the issue, has been created, together with a crowdfunder to raise money for the march and to promote the initiative.

Daniel Elkan, founder of the Wooferendum campaign, said: “The enthusiasm for Wooferendum has been incredible.

“People and dogs jump at the chance to express their feelings about Brexit, which is a tough topic, in a more friendly, engaging way. The movement is growing and the Wooferendum March on Sunday 7th October will be a fantastic day out, but Brexit is no joke.

“We want to create the biggest howl in history – by the dogs, for the people. The campaign might seem barking mad – but it’s surely not as mad as Brexit.”

The Wooferendum is an independent, grassroots campaign with no affiliations to any other groups or political organisations, and has been entirely self-funded so far, with help from volunteers.