An angry parish councillor has hit out after buses failed to pick passengers up at a “well-used” bus stop because a sign and shelter had been removed.

As part of the South Oxhey redevelopment, the shelter in Fairfield Avenue was taken away but people were still directed to wait there for the number 8 bus towards Watford.

However Watford Rural Parish councillor Pam King says she has received a “number of complaints” of buses “sailing by”.

She said: “The shelter along with its seat and timetable frame has been removed and there is now just a temporary seat beneath a tree for passengers. There are signs on the hoardings around the work directing people to wait there.”

Three Rivers Labour leader Cllr Steve Cox, who represents South Oxhey, added: “It is a well-used stop near the station and what’s left of the shops at the moment. I am appalled to hear stories of pensioners and others being involuntarily transported further than they wanted to be and being whisked onto the next stop in Gosforth Lane, then having to struggle back. It’s not on.”

But Cllr Cox has since hailed a “victory for Labour” after he wrote to Hertfordshire County Council asking for temporary signs to be installed.

The county council has since put out a new sign and a timetable at the 'ghost' bus stop.