Knebworth House will be transformed into an indoor theatre on September 16 when Hertfordshire theatre company Pins & Feathers present The March.

The production is a thought-provoking drama, with music, commemorating the centenary of the first group of UK women gaining the vote in national elections, and the key part played by the Lytton family of Knebworth in the campaign.

It is set in 1910 and 15 year old Cissy Walters has had enough. While her mother Georgina is a tireless campaigner with the Herts Women’s Suffrage Society, Cissy is convinced the time for meetings and letter writing is over.

Inspired by influential British suffragette Lady Constance Lytton, she is determined to join Mrs Pankhurst’s suffragette army in London. But what will be the cost to her and her family?

The March is based on the real life stories of the women who fought for the vote – from Lady Constance Lytton who endured prison and force-feeding, to the non-militant suffragettes who spread the message in every town and village.

The play features the extraordinary Great Pilgrimage of 1913, in which thousands of women from all over the country marched to London to demonstrate peaceful mass support for the vote.

Marchers coming down the Great North Road passed through the village of Knebworth itself – adding another element to the key role that the Lytton family and Knebworth House played in winning the vote for women.

For the evening performance there will also be a Q&A with the cast, director, writer, Knebworth House archives team and Henry Lytton Cobbold.

For more information and ticketing visit the Knebworth House website  or phone the Estate Office on 01438 812661.