APRIL 7, 1961: The Minister of Health's new "kindness charter" for expectant mothers is likely to make matters worse! So declares Miss N. K. Kelly (Matron of Watford Maternity Hospital).

Bullying, loneliness, fear, insults, indignities, unkindness...

Such criticisms from the charter were strongly refuted by her, as far as Watford is concerned.

"We get lots of letters of thanks, and rarely a letter of complaint," Miss Kelly told the "Observer" this week.

In confirmation, Mrs Gilda Perry (of Watford Palace Theatre) told the "Observer": "I was treated fabulously in the King Street Hospital. I think the nurses are saints in this world, but you must stick to rules and regulations."

Mrs Margaret Webb, of Beacon-way, Rickmansworth, who had a baby in Watford Maternity Hospital last year, said: " The suggestion of bullying is rubbish. If anything goes wrong, they cannot do enough for you. The main trouble seems to be lack of staff. Although they are rushed off their feet, they do everything they can within their means."

Two young mothers who had New Year babies at the same hospital were also full of praise. "I could not wish for anything better; night nurses and the day staff were wonderful," said Mrs Elsie Johnston, of Quickly- lane, Chorleywood.

"I have had babies at Watford and Ilford maternity hospitals, and had no trouble in either," said Mrs Elizabeth Cull, of South-road, Chorleywood. "I was treated excellently and have had nothing to complain about."