An area which has been targeted by burglars could now feel a lot safer after a neighbourhood watch scheme was introduced.

People living in Leggatts ward in North Watford have created the scheme which covers Beech Road, Chestnut Walk, Woodside, and part of The Harebreaks.

Thousands of neighbourhood watch schemes are in place around the UK with only one true aim and that is to deter burglars and stop crime.

Councillors Asif Khan and Richard Smith have begun putting signs up and are now encouraging residents to sign up. The programme helps build links with the police and allows people living close together to share and warn others of suspicious activity.

Watford Observer:

Cllr Khan and Cllr Smith

Cllr Khan said: "This is an important step forward. Residents were keen to work together to help look after the area after a spate of burglaries. I'm sure it will be a deterrent for wannabe burglars. Climbing ladders to put up the signs was the least I could do."

Cllr Smith added: "It's great that neighbours got together to make their area safer. It is not only a traditional neighbourhood watch scheme, there are updates through IT systems called OWL - Online Watch Link. If something happens in an area, everybody will get an email alert through the system, so that they are aware."

Leggatts councillor Bilqees Mauthoor, who helped organise meetings with residents, said: "It is vital that as many people as possible get involved with neighbourhood watch schemes to succeed. It also brings communities together. I'm really pleased people are working together to make their areas safer."

To sign up, visit and put in your postcode.