An unknown gunman who targeted a distinctive white cat three times has forced its owner to consider moving house.

Dexter the cat was shot with an air rifle for the third time on September 14 through his thigh, after two previous attacks in Oxhey Hall.

The latest shooting in the Highlands left a round wound in the much-loved animal’s left thigh requiring yet another surgery and period of recovery.

Dexter, described by his owner as “extremely friendly, docile and gentle” was targeted previously in April 2017 when he was shot at the top of his spine and then again in April 2018 in the right side of his chest.

The triple attack has left Dexter’s owner debating whether they want to continue living in the area.

An X-ray of the mushroom-shaped pellet in Dexter's chest


They said: “I feel upset and shocked and worried, and now I am not letting him out of the house.

“I’ve even considered moving because I don’t know what to do - it has happened three times.

“The vet told me on this most recent visit, ‘Don’t let him out because I think someone is trying to kill him’.

“Last week Dexter was lying in bed when I came home. I called him for dinner and he didn’t really eat, he seemed off his food.

“Then I notice the flash of blood on his leg and the recognisable round hole on his left thigh.

“Dexter is extremely friendly, docile and gentle. He would never cause distress to anyone.”

Dexter’s owner said he is well-known to the neighbours and often goes out in the community to say hello.

“Everyone knows him. He’s such a placid boy, he visits the locals. We thought it might be kids messing about but when it happened again we began thinking he is being targeted because he is white,” they said.



In 2017, Dexter’s owner discovered a lump at the top of his spine which they assumed was cancer. After taking him to Medivet in Watford, a mushroom-shaped pellet was discovered.

“The vet was quite shocked when she found it,” Dexter’s owner said.

A year later, Dexter was targeted again. This time, the pellet entered the right side of his chest and travelled to the shoulder blade. He was kept in for examination for fears it had punctured his lung.

His owner said of the attacks: “All the shootings have happened during the day. I thought it was a freak accident at first. The second time it worried me because it was a year to the day.

“Then I thought I can’t keep him in, he’s an outdoor cat. But this time it has really shocked me, we live in a cul-de-sac and people have dogs and leave food out for foxes and yet there is someone out there trying to shoot him.

“It’s unbearable. I wonder, have they killed other cats? There should be a licence for the weapon, so police can more easily trace the person.

“This is a truly worrying time for us and should be for the local community as there is a potential cat killer at large who could harm or kill other cats, if they haven’t already.”

Dexter’s owners have launched their own campaign to catch the culprit. If you have any information you can reach them anonymously via email at

Hertfordshire Constabulary said they are investigating the shooting which happened between 2pm and 6pm, September 14. If you can help their investigation, call 101 quoting crime reference 41/37025/18.