Lapsed plans to build a major service station on a Green Belt site have been renewed by developers.

Motorway service operators Moto have rekindled a proposal originally raised in 2015 to install a new motorway service station at junction 20 of the M25, at Kings Langley.

Although plans are yet to be finalised, the new service area could include a 100-bed hotel, a 1,000-space car park and shops and other facilities.

Service station access would be via a new roundabout built on the A41 between junction 20 and St Paul’s Church, Langleybury. Under current rules, motorway service areas are not permitted to access motorways directly.

Plans have yet to be put before Three Rivers district councillors and a formal planning application by Moto has not been submitted.

Two potential sites have been identified – junction 20 and one in Maple Cross at junction 17. It is believed Moto have acquired an option on the site at junction 20 through Highways England.

It is possible the development will be viewed as a strategic planning application and the final decision taken by the secretary of state for housing, planning and local government.

Three Rivers councillor Alex Michaels said: “This is a Green Belt site accessed by a heavily congested road.

“Residents are rightly concerned at the increases in light, noise and air pollution. I urge Moto to think again.”

Langleybury Cricket Club chairman, Andy Hopping, said: “We would obviously be concerned because we have junior and senior cricket teams who play here.

“More pollution, more cars would be concerning. I am yet to look at the plans and we would be interested to know what the outcome could be.

“For recreation and sport and promoting sporting activities for kids, anything making the area more polluted or difficult to park in would be concerning.”

James Webster, vicar at St Paul’s Church, said: “It would clearly have a major impact both visually and in terms of traffic.

“We are here for the community. There would be positives and negatives. I don’t think there are many people who relish green space being turned into concrete.

“I am sure there would be commuters who would be concerned but I would have to look at their proposal. In terms of carbon monoxide, I am sure there would be an impact but again I would like to look at their plans.”

A planning application is likely by the end of the year.

Concept designs of Moto's proposal for a new service station at junction 20 site