Two district councillors have vowed to campaign for a further speed reduction on a busy road.

Liberal Democrat councillors Sara Bedford and Phil Williams have called for a cut in the permitted speed on the Bedmond Road between Bedmond and Leverstock Green.

Cllr Bedford previously campaigned and won in getting the 60mph section of road reduced to 40mph and a speed indicator device was also installed.

Now, the two councillors are appealing to Hertfordshire County Council to reduce it further, to 30mph.

Council leader cllr Bedford said: “It is clear that with the number of homes here, together with the numerous cyclists and riders using the road, the speed limit needs to be lowered to 30mph.

“Residents are often scared driving on or off their own drives, and pedestrians walking close to the road feel nervous.

“We will continue to campaign for this road safety measure to be introduced”.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: "The safety of road users and pedestrians is of paramount importance to Hertfordshire County Council and we would always encourage people to voice any concerns which they might have about their local roads.

"If these concerns relate to speeding we would also suggest that they talk to the police about enforcement.”