A teenager has bemoaned the fact that many young people were unable to vote in the EU referendum.

So much so that student Ismaeel Yaqoob, 17, delivered a petition to Watford MP Richard Harrington on Friday which called for the politician to back a people’s vote.

Ismaeel, who is himself campaigning for a people’s vote, says those his age were never given a chance two years ago and that it is his generation that Brexit has the “hardest hitting” implications on.

He said: “Even when I was 15, I had an opinion. People my age didn’t get a voice. We can vote at future elections but this referendum won’t happen again. There are so many of us now who will be able to vote but couldn’t in June 2016. We had the power to swing the vote.

“I’m not a standard remainer wanting to overturn the decision and I would support people who voted leave to get the right deal. I know some young people weren’t in favour of staying in the EU but the overall consensus was to remain. I don’t know why people are scared of another vote.”

Ismaeel says he wants a vote with two questions: “Stay in the EU or take the current exit deal on the table.

Ismaeel says his interest in politics intensified when he was 14 and he followed the EU referendum closely. He has now involved himself in the Our Future Our Voice campaign, an initiative which calls for the voices of young people “to be heard”. As part of the campaign, the Watford Grammar Boys student was able to deliver the petition to Mr Harrington.

Following his meeting with the MP, Ismaeel, who will turn 18 next month, said: "I am very thankful to Mr Harrington for giving us the opportunity to voice our concerns and he was very welcoming of our efforts.

“He understands that young people here in Watford are so against the mess of Brexit - we simply do not want to live with the consequences of a decision that wasn’t our own. Speaking to young people across Watford these past few weeks has made that increasingly clear.

“He wants to hear from everyone in Watford and I encourage everyone, young and old, to get involved. Mr Harrington is there to represent us.”

Watford Observer:

Ismaeel campaigning in Watford high street

Mr Harrington, a remainer himself, said the following: “I was very pleased to meet with Ismael and his friends to listen to their views. As someone who campaigned passionately to remain, I do sympathise with their concerns. But I have been clear that I respect the outcome of the vote. I support the Prime Minister as I think she has presented a fair compromise that puts business and jobs first.”

We want to hear from young people who couldn’t vote in the EU referendum who would have voted to leave and to explain why. Get in touch with us by emailing Nathan.louis@london.newsquest.co.uk